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International Economics

CAU staff includes members with professional and academic experience in different countries and socioeconomic systems. This broad and international oriented background is one of the top CAU assets. We are quite committed in advancing international issues with local and foreign entrepreneurs.


The inexorable opening of the Cuban economy will bring new economic and investment opportunities for the US and other countries in the Region. Bearing this in mind, we have teamed with Dr. Gerardo González, from the Inter American University, in lecturing and conducting presentations on the Cuban economy and the future challenges. In 2009-2010, CAU worked with Dr. González in a project commissioned by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to estimate the potential impact for Puerto Rico of the lifting of the current banning on US tourists to visit Cuba. We have also teamed with Dr. González and Dr. Félix Cue, from the Inter American University, in providing consulting services on Cuban affairs to the Legislative Branch of Puerto Rico.


Appraisals and Real Estate Projects

Caribbean Analysis Units has developed a strong relationship with Vallejo & Vallejo, one of the top firms in the areas of real estate appraisals and market studies in Puerto Rico. Our members are involved in continuing education with the Appraisal Institute and have offered their economic expertise in several assignments to Vallejo & Vallejo.


Certificates of Need

Puerto Rico remains as one of the most regulated states to start up a health care operation and a CON is required to operate a facility, from a clinical laboratory to a specialized hospital. We have developed an expertise as an economic expert witness in the application process for a Certificate of Need (CON). CAU can prepare the mandatory feasibility study, as required by the Regulation 112 for CONs in Puerto Rico, and provide the expert witness to testify in administrative hearings.

Market and Feasibility Studies

CAU have assisted public and private clients in determining the economic feasibility of potential investments. We have assisted municipal governments with feasibility and market studies to support a financing process via revenue bonds.


In addition, over the past five years, we have cooperated with other consulting firms in Puerto Rico in conducting market analysis for a variety of industries such as: dairy industry, car retail, construction aggregates, housing market, banking sector among others.

Litigation Support

We offer our services as an economic expert witness in cases of economic damages, whether loss of income or commercial damages. Click on and you will find a list of some of the legal cases in which we have worked as an economic expert witness.

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