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Caribbean Analysis Unit

Caribbean Analysis Unit (CAU) is a consulting group in Economics and Finance based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We offer consulting services in the fields of feasibility and market analysis, litigation support and forecasts to local and foreign companies as well as entrepreneurs with interests in Puerto Rico. In addition, we have assisted several municipalities and the central government of Puerto Rico in the decision making process concerning public projects.


A solid professional relationship with appraisers and real estate consultants in Puerto Rico is one of the highlights of CAU. We work as associate consultants with Vallejo & Vallejo, one of the most renowned real estate appraisal and consulting firms in Puerto Rico. Some of our consultants are now actively taking continuing education with the Puerto Rico Chapter of the Appraisal Institute.


However, beyond our today tasks, Caribbean Analysis Unit is a looking forward project. Our vision on the great opportunities of the inexorable opening of the Cuban economy for the United States and other economies in the Caribbean region lies at the core of our project. We are quite committed to advance this strategic vision in Puerto Rico, the US and other countries in the region.

Executive Profile
Roberto Orro, Senior Economist | Phone: (787) 957-9087

Roberto Orro Fernández is an economist graduated from the University of Havana, Cuba. He holds a Master Degree in Economics from el Colegio de México. Mr. Orro has accumulated academic and professional experience in different countries. He started his professional career in the Cuban Armed Forces, in the military construction sector. He worked as a lecturer researcher at the University of Havana, Cuba and the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. He worked for H. Calero Consulting Group, Inc., an economic and financial consulting firm in San Juan. Since 2005, Roberto Orro works as an independent consultant in San Juan, Puerto Rico, covering a variety of feasibility, market, litigation, forecasts topics. He is a member of the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE) since 1997 and served as member of the ASCE Board from 2008 to 2012. Mr. Orro has made contributions in the fields of monetary policy, dollarization in Cuba and economic and political transition in former socialist countries. Roberto Orro is also a member of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce and an associate consultant of Vallejo & Vallejo Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants. 

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